Monday, October 03, 2011

Lee Martin Author Visit a Hit!

Many thanks to Lee Martin for sharing his expertise with OCC students, IECC Board Members Marilyn Wolfe and Brenda Culver, CEO Terry Bruce, staff, and faculty Friday, Sept. 30th. Special thanks to Deanna Ratts for helping arrange this visit, Carl Sager and Mona Nease for set up, Brittany Bass for single-handedly covering the library, Bev Zeigler and staff for smoothly handling lunch. Introductions by OCC President Rodney Ranes and Dean of Instruction Jeff Cutchin were awesome.

Lee's insights into his writing methods, his inspirations, and his comments about the use of the midwest region as source material for his novels captured the attention of his audience and gave them food for thought. Participants were totally captivated by his readings from his works and audibly sighed when he talked about throwing away 200 pages of the first version of his novel, The Bright Forever.

We were all mightily impressed with our former OCC graduate.