Tuesday, October 24, 2006

America's Newspapers

Have you clicked on Special Reports in America's Newspapers? Special reports cover a variety of topics in depth and with a global perspective. The newest report is called World Environment.

World Environment contains articles and pictures about environmental issues and conditions throughout the world. Also included are background information and government documents on these important issues.
Environmental issues covered include:
• green energy and economics
• global warming
• air pollution
• natural resources
• ecology
• conservation
• environmental policies
• biodiversity
• early reader section
• and more

Areas of the world covered include:
• Africa
• Asia
• Australia, Oceania, Antarctica
• Europe
• Latin America
• Middle East
• North America
• UK and Ireland
Related maps and links to web sites are included. Suggested search terms to help locate additional information in your NewsBank products are listed to encourage further research. All articles are easily accessed and can be printed or e-mailed from within the site.


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